About Us

ROKR, founded since 2007, is a world-famous brand focus on 3D wooden assemble puzzle & toys, wooden handicrafts. We are dedicated to providing innovative, imaginative, intelligent and interactive products. Our fundamental mission is to supply "Total Puzzle Solution" to the world and make fun to all ages who assembling ROKR wooden toys.

We are confident that any person who assembles just one of our models will feel drawn into a new world of creativity and beautiful and ornate decorations that proudly display the assembler’s creativity.


In his youth, Andy, the founder of our company, initially worked on optical drive projects at a computer firm. As a quintessential designer, he always possessed a knack for spotting fascinating novelties. One fortuitous afternoon, as he passed a modest bookstore, he observed a child engrossed in playing with a simple 3D dinosaur skeleton puzzle. The child animated the dinosaurs, making them walk and roar, even staging prehistoric battles. This scene sparked an epiphany for Andy: what if there were a toy that could be assembled like the dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" but could also move? Such a concept would undoubtedly enchant numerous children.

Consequently, in his spare time, Andy began to develop his vision of a walking dinosaur. He designed an electric motor, programmed to rhythmically move the legs, controlled by an infrared remote for maneuvers, and capable of simulating roars—a prototype that led to the "Walking Tyrannosaurus Rex" under the Rokr brand.

By 2007, as the computer company underwent restructuring and optical drives yielded to USB drives, Andy decisively left to embark on his first entrepreneurial venture with the Walking Tyrannosaurus Rex. His innovation shone brilliantly at the Nuremberg Wooden Toy Exhibition, capturing the attention of customers and investors alike. Spectators at the exhibition were captivated, often stopping to activate the T-Rex's walking mechanism by clapping—a feature highlighted in local media reports about the toy securing substantial orders at an international event.

  • Gear Mechanisms: Evoking nostalgia, these models use springs, motors, and gears to replicate classic mechanical inventions from the early Industrial Revolution, such as phonographs and gramophones.
  • Track Maze City: Integrates ascending, sorting, and descending track ball mechanisms, complete with a rotating handle for interactive play, blending entertainment, aesthetics, and functionality.
  • Mechanical Music Boxes: Combine mechanical movements and gears, offering a dual experience of movement and sound, miniaturizing and animating classical objects like cellos, pianos, and lanterns.
  • Celestial Instruments: Self-assembled kits transform into instruments that illustrate the beauty of astronomy and geography, such as globes, telescopes, and models of the solar system.
  • Time Art: Utilizes springs to drive intricate gear and escapement mechanisms within clocks that not only keep time but also chime.
  • Peace Armory: Features realistic mechanical simulation of firearms through sliding blowback and long-travel pistons, with rubber bands mimicking bullet firing, replicating classics like the AK and Thompson.
  • Century Wheels: Offers meticulously crafted replicas of vintage cars, prized for their aesthetic and collectible value.
  • Amazing Amusement Park: Uses wooden components and motors to miniaturize and animate classic amusement park rides, complete with dynamic movements, lighting effects, and sound.

Looking forward, Rokr is dedicated to "breaking boundaries" with the mission to "assemble and explore," aiming to "bring fun to life." We strive to continue delivering innovative products that reduce stress and enhance joy in everyday living through creative design and imagination.