Meet the ROKR Steam Engine 3D Wooden Puzzle

Would you like to have a locomotive dating back to the 19th Century? The 19th Century profoundly impacted human life, thanks to the high level of industrialization and the evolution of transportation. ROKR Steam engine is inspired by the classic steam locomotives of this time and brings them into the real world.

This post will introduce you to the ROKR steam engine and give you more information about it.

What is it exactly?

The ROKR Steam Engine looks like a steam engine. It is a wooden 3D puzzle. The steam locomotive is made up of 469 pieces that you need to assemble to make it complete.

ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01 | Robotime Online

It is more than a model. It has functional capabilities. The locomotive has a complex gear system. The locomotive can build power by rotating the clockwork.

What's inside the box?

400+ Laser-cut wood pieces

Assembly Tools


Pieces: 469

Assembly Time: 5-8 Hours

Difficulty level:

Assembled Size: 14''*4.7''*5.7''(36cm*12cm*14.6cm)

Recommended age: 14+

Details and Features

ROKR Steam Engine Mechanical 3D Wooden Puzzle LKA01

This steam locomotive is made up of two parts: a steam engine and a trailer with four wheels. The Steam Engine has many beautiful details. Cotton is used to simulate smoke coming from the steam engine's pipe. Gears are visible outside the vehicle to represent the power source that powers the wheels.

The four-wheeled truck is also loaded with three barrels of large wood inscribed "1882".

Extra surprises

ROKR already has several car models. This locomotive is upgraded, but not the previous one. It is a mechanical transmission with four manuals: "p," 1", 2", and R. These control the functions of neutral parking and first gear. In the first gear, speed is 100 percent, and in the second gear, it increases to 140%.

ROKR steam engine with first, second, and parking gears.

Check out the video below to discover all of its features.

It is equipped with vibration dampening and a self-righting system, which allows it to be used for different road conditions.

What is it that we like?

ROKR is always up for a challenge. Each time we launch a new product, we are overcoming more challenges. Therefore, we have added new elements to the Steam Engine, including the wooden jigsaw. We are constantly improving our products, whether in color, design, or functionality.

Steam Engine is a great-looking model with many exciting features. It will give you hours of fun assembling it. Our wood is of high quality, and the aroma will relax you and your body as you assemble it. When it's finished, the collectible will be beautiful.

This model will take you back to the nineteenth Century, and you'll gain an insight into the industry and technology at the time. If this model is what you're looking for, click here to check it out right now.