Introducing ROKR New Mable Run - Marble Spaceport LGC01

Let’s get the ball rolling with interactive fun and endless loops with the new Marble Spaceport! It’s a new take on the classic marble run toy leveled up to the max with its futuristic theme, cool colors, sophistication, and two power sources (gear-driven or electric).

There’s nothing quite like the endless fun and fascination this puzzle brings.

The Marble Spaceport LGC01

The new Marble Spaceport is an intricate 3D wooden puzzle with 6 diversion mechanisms, 5 tracks, and elevator ball-lifting mechanisms. This spaceport also features a futuristic dual-layer, parallel high-speed highway where the steel balls are racing one another, zipping and looping at great speeds right before your eyes. You won’t lose sight of the spheres when they accelerate at the gyratory funnel since that part is made with transparent plastic.

As for power, you can choose to crank up the gear on the spaceport's side or utilize its strong 70 rpm electric motor. This motor can be recharged with any type-C charging cord. Once powered, the spaceport can do infinite loops on its own.

This remarkable puzzle has sleek, angular accents. Coupled with the gray and silver theme, it’s a visually appealing sci-fi fantasy come to life.

What’s in the Box?

ROKR Marble Spaceport Marble Run 3D Wooden Puzzle LGC01

The Marble Spaceport LGC01 has:

  • 472 laser-cut pieces and 11 mm steel balls
  • all the tools you will need for assembly
  • an easy-to-follow assembly guide
  • 4 stars difficulty level
  • around 5.5 hours of challenging and engaging assembly time
  • 3*9.8*9”(31.2*25*23cm) total assembled size


As an Added Bonus…

Want even more power?

Tap into the power of merging and connect your Marble Spaceport with the Marble Night City LGA01!  All you need is the special ramp connector and you have one fantastic space complex to give you another engineering feat that stirs the kid inside of us to explore and discover more.

Education Without Sweating It

It’s common knowledge that marble runs increase spatial intelligence. And this is not just for kids but for people of all ages. Marble run toys keep people on their toes with math, geometry, art, design, physics, engineering, and other STEM concepts.

But what’s so special about the Marble Spaceport is that all this happens in a gratifying, fun, and captivating manner. Learning becomes natural as imagination shoots straight into the space where the possibilities are endless. It’s a creative way to spend your time alone or with loved ones.

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Let’s explore the unknown together with the Marble Spaceport. It’s such a fascinating adventure!