How to Assemble Your Own 3D Puzzle of Wooden Bouquets

The Wooden Bouquet 3D Puzzle is a puzzle toy that both adults and children can love and be interested in. The wooden bouquet 3D puzzle consists of pre-cut wooden blocks of different shapes or parts of different colors, so that everyone can look at the design and easily follow the steps to assemble a beautiful bouquet.
An outstanding feature of the Wooden Bouquet 3D Puzzle is its high-quality craftsmanship and high-quality wooden products. Compared with poor wood, the advantages are very prominent. And the wooden blocks used to assemble the bouquet are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials, ensuring that everyone can enjoy and use them for a long time after completing their own puzzle. Just like the Rowood DIY Wooden Flower Bouquet 3D Wooden Puzzle, this one also has clear and detailed instructions, allowing everyone to assemble it step by step by looking at the drawings when assembling it. Even a beginner who has never purchased a Wooden Flower Bouquet 3D Puzzle before Friends can also complete their own works.
Not only is this puzzle fun to assemble, but it also makes a cute decoration. The finished bouquet is beautiful and can be displayed in any room. It adds a natural and elegant touch to any space.


  • The whole set contains 581 pieces
  • About 3 hours of assembly time
  • Difficulty level: ★★★
  • Assembled size: H:5.1"(13cm) x W:10.2"(26cm) x D:17.2"(44cm)
  • Three wrapping papers and ribbon included
  • The bouquet comes with the eucalyptus aside from one of each flower
  • Comes with spare parts
  • Free international shipping for orders over $65
  • 30-day risk-free return policy
  • Free parts replacement service


  • Pre-colored Parts- No painting is needed because the parts come pre-colored.
  • Adjustable Stem Heights- Customize the flowers’ stems to make them fit your desired flower arrangement or chosen vase.
  • Adjustable Flower Angles- You can adjust where the flowers face, adding more possibilities to your design.
  • Comes with a Blessing Card-  Aside from the flowers’ beautiful symbolisms, there’s an engraved heartfelt blessing to express your love.
  • Numbered Pieces- Assembly is made easier with numbered pieces so all you need to do is match them with the manual’s visuals. Also, aside from the individual flowers’ assembly, there are instructions on how to wrap the bouquet.
  • Different Bouquet Styles- The manual comes with several styles of bouquets that you can follow.

First, I put the branches and small bows together, and then stretched the flower paths.
If you are going to give a wooden 3D bouquet to your friends or others, you can also write a blessing on the back. The branches feel fragile, so use some glue to keep the bouquet stems from falling off.
Same thing with the bow, it's a little more refined. I also added some glue to fix it. It's really cute, though. On the other hand, extending flower stems is really easy because extenders are so handy.
For a cardboard stand, you just need to stretch it up and secure it.
Now for the hard part, you need to arrange the flowers and branches while maintaining them. Don't forget, you can adjust the angle of the flowers. I did this several times to get them to the angle I wanted, and then I tied them together with ribbon. If desired, make some adjustments and add leaves.
Once you're happy with your arrangement, place the white tissue paper on the wrapping paper and place the bouquet on top. Fold the tissue paper over, facing the bouquet, and place them on top like I did. Secure it with a ribbon.

Next, I put the bouquet into nice looking jars I bought and made a few adjustments to its arrangement. I painted the jar with a few colors I liked and used glue to place the bow in the center. In the final steps, I placed the little butterflies on the lilacs and the bees on the camellias, and my 3D wooden bouquet was finally ready!


One potential drawback to this puzzle is that it may take some time to assemble, especially if you're new to 3D puzzles. However, once you see the finished product, the process is well worth it.
Overall, Wooden Bouquet 3D Puzzle is an excellent choice for puzzle lovers and nature lovers. Its high-quality construction, beautiful design, and enjoyable assembly process make it a worthwhile purchase.